Soyia is compassionate, loving and cheerful

She loves life and She loves people

Soyia comes from her home in the sky

A planet looking like thousands of hearts flying by

When she came here she was just a little seed

Tucked in a daisy flower and protected by Deans.

She has been cared for throughout her life

But that does not mean - that she does not have any pain survived.

Soyia is extremely sensitive and just a little single tear

Feels like if she had been attacked by a big ugly bear

Soyia knows that she is very special

And for that she is very grateful

She sees what is wrong in the world and in human life

Together with the hidden world she would try to stop all strife

She meets many people on her way

And her life becomes like a fairytale game

Soyia carry this special wisdom from her home of love

From the planet with all the hearts flying above

She can help many people ... just by following her heart

She fixes you up with a golden card… so you will get this brand new start.

Soyia's life has been planned from the start

That She just didn`t  know anything about ...

Today she is grateful for all she gets

Her life is filled with no regret

She love her planet home of love

And She love knowing that it is flying just above


One day....when the sun is shining from a blue, blue sky

Soyia will feel as if she could fly

She will finally meets her great love

The man with the loving golden heart

He will come along... riding on a funny white horse

He will apologizes and say that it was for a very good cause

He will smile and with a nice twinkle in his eye

He will kisses her earnestly and promises her more lies


They will love each other unconditionally highly

And together they will shine so brightly


Their love gets bigger and bigger....  each passing day ....

They grow together and do not care what others say.

There is no doubt that they belong together ...

And that they will love each other forever

They are thankful for prosperity, gold and good health ...

And for all the love and wealth

For what they are given, they are very grateful

They know that the hidden world is very powerful

That is why Gratitude is a big part of their lives

And so it will be until the day they die




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