Peepine will teach everyone to find peace in life

To teach them to love life and to lay down all there fighting knifes

He is a Dekan and he is calm and peaceful

And his company is quite joyful

With his wings he spreads wisdom

And he knows everything about everyone

He knows your past and he knows your future

And he knows everything about your living culture

Every single day he stands steady

Waiting for you to get ready

Ready for your next steps in your life

And for you to walk away from all strife

If you dare to trust his words

He will give you everything you want in this world

He says that you must listen to your heart

It is the only way to find true love

In life you can`t avoid hurting others

Even your own brothers

But everyone will be happy again

And appreciate that you did not pretend

A true heart will always shine

And stop people from being blind

One day everyone will wake up and see the truth

And some will even be embarrassed because they were very rude

Peepine will... if you allow it….always stay by your side

Asking you to follow your heart and stop telling any more lies

He recommends everybody to meditate

Then you will have the truth and tranquility served on a silver plate


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