Fairytale Prince


Once upon a time and many many years ago

In a small town called Riimbardo

A fairytale Prince was trapped in a cave

While he was singing about this drown waving wave

He was captured and bound with chains and locks

……. His life really socks

Every Day and night he was screaming out loud

And begged for the cave guard to let him out

The guard answered him every single time…

He said... the key is yours… the key is not mine.

The Prince understood nothing and sank down

He was now lying alone on the bare ground

It was a big surprise when Peeno and Peepine came by

They sat on his shoulder … looked at him and asked him… why??

Peepine said …If you want to be free... so you can find the girl of your dreams

Then you have to leave everything as it seems

The Prince cried and cried for several days…

Still singing about the drown waving wave

But suddenly one day the tears falling from his eyes

Was gather on the floor in this magical line

Each tear is transformed into gold

And gathered into a key that suits his beautiful soul

He takes the key and opens the lock

And he runs like hell over water and rocks

He found the girl of his dreams

And he left everything else as it seems

He apologizes to her for the change of his name,

But for a few days… it cut not stay the same

His is sorry for his acting, his appearance and for the white horse ...

He assured that it all came up because of a really good cause

They danced all night to a very special song ...

Everyone Knew ... that He and Soyia ... they together belonged ❤️




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