Aphrodite has had many lives and many names ...

Today she lives in the Greek mountains and valleys

And at midsummer night she dances around the coast and beach.

Helps anyone who wants her to teach

She teach about love

She teach you to follow your heart.

In her life she has met many men ...

And She learned from all of them

They gave her the greatest wisdom of love

Which she now shares out ... with all her loving heart.

If you ask Aphrodite for help

She would say…you should be yourself

And if you dare to shine and express yourself so loud

So everyone can see you without any doubt

Then everyone will hear who you really are

And soon the sky will show you an amazing shining star

When your great love sees you ... nothing will be able to hold him back ..

He will love you and never let go of you and that is a fact

Trust Aphrodite`s words and let go ...

Because only she will let your true love show

When his intentions are pure

Then Aphrodite will open the door... that for sure.. 

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